Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Collection of photos of Baharlu (Baharloo) tribe.

Unique collection of photos that represent the artistic impulses of a rural notable from the Baharlu (Baharloo) tribe. The photos give us an intimate glimpse of the multiple dimensions of tribal life, including economic and cultural, as well as documenting the many changes that occurring in the region, and the country, during the 1950-60s.

The Baharlu (Baharloo) tribe lived in the Southern Zagros Mountains near Shiraz, Iran.

Please note that many of these photos are still being developed and so do not represent the final product of my restoration and preservation efforts.

40 photos

man with hat-young bride (A Baharloo tribe bride, Zagros Mts, Iran, circa 1960)
scarf dance-3 hatted men
traveling musicians-wedding tent + dancers
2 walkers-wheatchaff
man & family-five standing men
2 fetching water-fighting w/ sticks
4 dudes in cotton-gyps
cotton trek-clan Meeting
hunt antalope-resting
girls waiting with cotton- 4 plus donkey
bride-dancers 3
5 men standing-6
transactors-dancers at camp
dance at the oasis-passing beauty
gypsy 2-encampment
sort dates 2-village feast
girl 1-4 cotton pickers
10 dancers-waiting
circle Dance-drinks 2

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